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What We offer and Why?

We provide easy, guided fitness, with daily walks, daily movements and stretches, all of which have seated options. In addition, we offer simple meditations and recipes. Fitness does not need to be complicated, move daily at your own pace - that's it. We wanted to create a space where everyone regardless of ability, has access to an affordable, healthy lifestyle.

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Classes On The Go

Download our iOS app in the app store, or our android app in the Google Play Store. Practice anytime of the day, wherever you are with a click of a button. Professional teachers, Matt, Rach and Annora guide you through simple to follow fitness classes, guided walks, stretches and meditations.

Included In Your Membership

We offer movement in many forms for everyone and this is your space to enjoy looking after your health and wellness.

Matt, Rach and Annora deliver clear and friendly guidance that will leave you feeling like you can achieve anything.

Whether you are new to exercise, or if it’s just been a while, we have you covered with the options below. We recommend taking 3-4 classes a week from our daily workouts and guided walks, but feel free to adjust according to your personal goals and needs.


I was so put off even starting my fitness journey because I’ve never really worked out before and everything I found online was way too advanced for me - I just figured what’s the point. But then I found OMRA and doing so was the best thing to happen to me.


~ Macéo Simmons

I gifted this app to my dad who is 84 years old! He’s always loved fitness but had been slowing down which was taking its toll on his mood. He can’t believe there’s a fitness platform for him! I do the more advanced version of the workout with him and to get a great workout for myself while working out with my dad who is also thriving from moving his body is worth more than I could ever put into words.


~ Helen Lee

I love everything about this platform...mostly how simple it is to use. The guided walks got me moving again and I can even do the workouts now!


~ Sarah Smith

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